Cancer's SOS

Telling The Stories Of People Affected By Cancer, One Shirt At A Time

What We Do

How We're Helping

We sponsor individuals who participate in Cancer related fundraising events providing travel, lodging and meals for walkers, especially those who have not met their fundraising goal. We support whole teams, and celebrate participants during events, raising money for cancer research, education and testing, inspiring additional participants, all in an effort to end Cancer. Cancer’s SOS is a registered California Charitable Organization with tax-exempt  501(c)(3)  status. 

The Shirt Of Shirts

A “quilt” in the shape of a t-shirt made from individual t-shirts made and worn by cancer walk/run participants. This Shirt Of Shirts (SOS) is an eye-catching 20 foot tall, 18 foot wide, inviting people to stop, gaze, and take in every individual shirt. It is really cool, and the first of many.

The Book

Our book features those shirts and the Cancer stories behind them. The book puts an individual face and inspirational story ahead of the devastation cancer causes. Full color, beautiful, and personal, the book introduces you to people affected by Cancer fighting to end the disease during a cancer walk...Breast Cancer Stories of hope, determination, grit, love, and sometimes sorrow. All of them beautiful...

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Send us an email if you would like to be included in the next Shirt Of Shirts!

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